Our Services

We seek to provide quality service that meets the needs of our clients and we also have a favourable fee structure that all clients be it individuals, large scale or small scale businesses, appreciate.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Freshfields provides expert advice in the field of mergers and acquisitions. We have an excellent understanding of relevant company laws, tax laws and financial laws surrounding the merger or acquisition of a company. We provide advice and services across the entire merger and acquisition process.

These processes include deal negotiation and structuring, due diligence investigation and contract drafting. The mergers and acquisition team works with other experts within and outside the firm to provide optimal results for our clients. This collaborative effort allows us to work for both private and public companies, institutional investors, partnerships, industrial societies and private individuals.

Company Secretarial Services

Freshfields Law Consult also provides company secretarial services for corporate organization. It is important as well as a requirement by law for companies operating in Ghana to have a company secretary. A company’s secretary advices the company in their day-to-day activities to protect them from any possible liability.

Our lawyers at Freshfields Consult have a good understanding of the laws that come to play in the running of a company in Ghana. Our services provided include drafting contracts, completing and filing annual returns, maintaining share register, establishment and maintenance of statutory records. Minuting board and shareholder meetings.

Business Incorporation

Our area of expertise here at Freshfields law consult includes the incorporation of businesses. We make it our priority to assist organizations new to the system with their needs. We have a team of integrated lawyers with expertise in different fields relevant in the incorporation process. We advise on taxes and finances.

We have a team of regulatory and compliance specialist focused on ensuring our clients have access to regulatory knowledge as well as the insight they need to operate smoothly and effectively as an organization in Ghana. We focus on providing direction to our clients bearing in mind their mission and vision as an organization.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contracts

Freshfield s lawyers have expertise in drafting contracts for all sort of businesses. We are particularly focused on engineering, procurements and construction contracts. A contract is a legally binding document between parties of interest in a business transaction.

The purpose of a contract is to state clearly the rights and restrictions of the parties involved. We draft and evaluate contracts thoroughly to protect our customers from possible liabilities. We take a more rounded approach by digging deep into your business needs and identifying risks that may arise during operations.

Our team of lawyer’s design contracts in context with the type of business considering fully the possible liabilities that could come in play. We have existing contracts between a majority of our clients and the government of Ghana in areas of construction and engineering as well as foreign clients.

Abitration Practitioners

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution to resolve disputes outside the court. Arbitration is the internationally favored dispute resolution process for businesses. Here at Freshfields Law Consult, we employ arbitration in several categories of disputes, especially in civil, commercial, industrial and family disputes with strict adherence to the key arbitration conventions. We ensure that clients receive relevant, timely and effective advice to attain the best results.

Estate & Tax Administration

We offer Estate and Tax administration services. We have a team of lawyers with a great understanding of estate administration as well as tax administration. We work with tax experts from outside the firm to provide the best of outcomes for clients. We have worked hard to build a portfolio of clients who have enjoyed satisfactory results from our estate and tax administration team.

Oil and Gas Laws

Notary publics are professionals authorized and certified to serve as unbiased witnesses in the signing of legal documents usually concerned with deeds, estates, power of attorney, affidavits and trusts. It is the duty of a Notary to validate the whole process before it can be accepted. The central value of notarization is in the work of the Notary.

The ability of the Notary to screen thoroughly the signer for their true identity, their willingness to sign and their awareness and understanding of the content of the document or transaction. Here at Freshfields Law Consult, we have a team of competent and qualified professionals with relevant experience in notarization procedures. We can be trusted to be impartial and professional in our dealings to help Clients against fraud and liability.

Business Structuring & Re-structuring

Freshfields Law Consult offers a complete range of legal services for corporate organizations. Structuring and restructuring is one of our major services rendered for businesses under our corporate legal team. Many restructuring efforts are driven by the sale of a company, the mergers of companies or a change in direction of a company’s operations.

The purpose of structuring or restructuring a company is to make it more profitable or better organized in its present need. Here at Freshfields Law Consult we have invaluable experience in assessing company and business structures and advising companies on structuring and restructuring opportunities.

Corporate Legal Advice

We at Freshfields law consult, over the years have built a portfolio of corporate clients in a variety of fields including start-ups, SME’s, financial sectors, media, education, healthcare, transportation, energy and professional services. We advise on corporate transactions, banking, financing, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and restructuring, corporate governance, private equity and on all other aspects that come in play when running a business in Ghana.

We have a team of lawyers with various expertise in different fields relevant in the running of a corporate entity in accordance with the laws of Ghana. We also work with other professionals especially in the area of finance and business development for the purpose of producing best outcomes for our clients. We make sure our clients fully understand the legal implications of all transactions they undertake or commit to.