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We seek to provide quality service that meets the needs of our clients and we also have a favourable fee structure that all clients be it individuals, large scale or small scale businesses, appreciate.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

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What our client says

Whatever the size and scope of a client and its legal needs, Freshfiels believes that the client is entitled to the very highest level of service, which includes:

Freshfeilds is a highly competent and very professional litigation firm. The case (involving real estate and will/estate issues) was well researched, and had a clearly defined litigation strategy, with the focus on getting the client actual results.

-Daniel Mensah/ Director

Instrumental in a favorable outcome! Freshfields Attorney was instrumental in gathering the facts of our case, researching the information that was obtained and connecting the dots. Freshfields Attorney was very patient through the process and was able to ask the correct questions that exposed the truth.

-Akweso ofori/ Director

I was in the middle of starting a business and needed help and Freshfields helped me choose the right business. Since then the business has expanded rapidly.

-Daniel Mensah/ Director